CR/CRF Re Style Kit Mounting Instructions

Front Fender/Number Plate Conversion Instructions

For adapting a 2010-2020 CRF250/450 front fender and number plate onto your 2000 and newer CR or CRF

  1. Remove old front fender and number plate and toss them, or hang em on the wall in your shop
  2. Install 2 of your old fender washers onto the rear holes of new fender, with the flange on the bottom side of the fender
  3. Place the template (included) and line it up the new fender, with the “front” pointing towards the front of the fender
  4. Push your fender bolts through the 2 larger holes on the template to hold the template in place on the fender
  5. Make a punch mark on the 4 small holes on the template
  6. Remove template and drill pilot holes with an 1/8” drill bit
  7. Then use a 3/8” drill bit to drill the holes to the correct size
  8. Bolt fender onto bike using old bolts and washers
  9. Fasten the number plate bracket onto the triple clamp with supplied bolt
  10. Mount the new number plate on the bike with supplied bolts
  11. If you’re using a Cycra stadium plate, fasten the plate to the forks with zip ties (use clear vinyl or Cycra rubber pads underneath plate to protect the coating on your forks)
  12. Take a step back and admire your newly updated front end

Side note, when you order graphics make note of the updated fender and number plate to your graphic designer.

To see a video of the install, refer to the video on the product page where you purchased this bracket. 

If you have any questions while installing the bracket, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at I would love to hear your review of the bracket; you can share your thoughts and pictures on the product page.