About Pryme

Pryme originated from my all out passion to find the best product for each situation. The very first Pryme product was the Fine Cleaning Wheel. It all started from my dad, Ken. He would bring home leftover cleaning wheels from his work where he was a machinist. I can still remember the first time I threw one on the buffing machine. I was amazed at how quickly it shined up the engine covers on my CR125, but that soon turned to disappointment as the wheel wore down and disintegrated in a few minutes. "If only I could get these wheels to last longer but still give a sweet shine", I'd think as I burned through another wheel. I began looking for manufacturers who could create a wheel that was reinforced but still gave that killer finish we all love. Wheel by wheel, I tested them all until I came across the perfect combination.

Two years later and over 10,000 wheels sold, I continue to seek out the absolute best products, simply because I love it. It's hard to top the feeling of perfecting a product that solves problems. 

Pryme was founded in 2018 by Cameron Niemela. Located in Eastern Washington State, I personally test and design each product in house to ensure they are of the highest quality with no corners cut.

Why the brand name Pryme? Think of prime rib, or prime real estate. There's nothing better than the best. The "y" in Pryme represents my why, or reason behind me starting Pryme. I love solving problems and creating the perfect product for each application.

The Pryme logo is a resemblance of holding your fingers up as if to say "perfect." It's the sign everyone makes when they dive into prime rib, or when they see the results of a Pryme product.