Suzuki RMZ250 / RMZ450 Black Shock Bumper

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Get rid of that ugly yellow (or worse, brown) shock bumper that comes standard on your shock and replace it with a sweet black one. This bumper will last years and looks much cleaner than the yellow or brown ones that come stock.


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    • Color will not fade, chip, or wear off
    • Color is dyed all the way through (see picture of bumper cut in half)
    • Rubber is extremely durable, will not deteriorate or crack
    • Made in Japan


      Shock bumpers are wear items, it's a good idea to replace them during each shock rebuild. Keep in mind, your shock internals will need to be taken apart to install a new bumper. You cannot remove the shock bottom clevis without having to bleed the shock again. It is best to install the new bumper during a shock rebuild or re-valve.

      Watch video below to see how the bumper is installed.

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