Pryme Fiber Flap Wheel Pack

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Removing scratches and scrapes has never been easier! If you're going for a custom look, the Pryme fiber flap wheels work great for sanding away casting lines too. 

The fiber flap wheel pack includes (1) 6 inch fiber flap wheel with adapters, and (1) 1 inch fiber flap wheel.

  • Best used for removing scratches or scrapes, and blending in casting marks
  • Creates a consistent finish, with very little waves or warping
  • Leaves behind a brushed look, can be further finished with Pryme Cleaning Pads
  • Has fiber pad in between flaps of sandpaper for smooth material removal
  • Best for aluminum, but can be used on steel, stainless steel, and brass with great results too
  • To make wheels last as long as possible, stay away from sharp edges
  • Made in the USA


6 Inch Fiber Flap Wheel Specs:

  • Sandpaper is 80 grit
  • 6" diameter x 1" wide (can be used on 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" buffer shafts. Choose option above)
  • Optimal RPM: 2000
  • Max RPM: 3600 (works great at 3600, but wears quicker at higher speeds)
  • For best results, use on 1/2 HP+ buffer or bench grinder


1 Inch Fiber Flap Wheel Specs:

  • Sandpaper is 80 grit
  • 1" diameter x 1" wide x 1/4" shank (best used with air die grinder, but could be used on a drill with decent results)
  • Optimal RPM: 10,000
  • Max RPM: 15,000 


-To make wheels last as long as possible, stay away from sharp edges. Use rough cleaning wheel for very aggressive removal. These wheels should be used for medium material removal where a consistent finish is desired.
-Buffer motor or die grinder not included
-Always wear a respirator and proper eye protection while using wheels!
-Not sure what buffing machine to use the wheels on? Refer to this guide

Check out the videos below of the wheels in action.

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