Fiber Flap Wheel - 6 Inch

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Removing scratches has never been easier! If you're going for a custom look, the Pryme fiber flap wheel works great for sanding away casting lines too.

  • Best used for removing scratches and blending in casting marks
  • Creates a consistent finish, with very little waves or warping
  • Leaves behind a brushed look, can be further finished with Pryme Cleaning Wheels
  • Has fiber pad in between flaps of sandpaper for smooth material removal
  • Offered in 80 grit and 180 grit (use 80 for sanding out scratches and 180 for a smoother finish)
  • 6" diameter x 1" wide (can be used on 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" buffer shafts, select your shaft size above)
  • Optimal RPM: 2000
  • Max RPM: 3600 (works great at 3600, but wears quicker at higher speeds)
  • Offered in 80 grit and 180 grit (use 80 for sanding out scratches and 180 for a smoother finish)
  • Best for aluminum, but can be used on steel, stainless steel, and brass with great results too
  • For best results, use on 1/2 HP+ buffer or bench grinder
  • Includes flap wheel and shaft adapters
  • Sold individually or in a pack of 3
  • Made in the USA


This wheel is similar to the traditional flap wheel, but the difference is that the traditional flap wheel sands more aggressively due to having more sandpaper flaps, and also lasts a bit longer, but alternatively does not give as consistent of a finish as this fiber wheel does. This wheel is more flexible and conforms to rounded edges better than the traditional flap wheel. Use the traditional wheel when you need to remove deep scratches and scrapes, and use this fiber flap wheel where a more consistent brushed finish is desired.


-To make wheels last as long as possible, stay away from sharp edges. Use rough cleaning wheel for very aggressive removal. This flap wheel should be used for medium material removal where a consistent finish is desired.
-Install with sandpaper facing towards the direction of travel
-Buffer motor or stand not included
-Always wear a respirator and proper eye protection while using wheels!
-Not sure what wheel you need? Use the Wheel Chart
-Refer to the Buffing Machine Guide for info on what machine/tool you'll need for these wheels

Check out the video below of the wheels in action.

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