Pryme MX 2004-2007 Honda CR/CRF Number Plate Re Style Bracket

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Transform the front end of your 2004-2007 Honda CR125 / CR250 / CRF250 / CRF450. This bracket allows you to mount a 2010-2020 CRF front number plate to your stock triple clamps. The newer style number plate and fender is a huge upgrade in the looks department over the ancient 2000's style.

What's Included


-(3)Mounting bolts for bracket

-Template for re drilling fender



-Bracket is made of 3 mm thick 304 stainless steel

-Will not rust 

-Made in USA

-Weight is 90 grams

Other things you'll need

-A 2010-2020 CRF250/450 front fender and number plate. (You can use OEM or aftermarket brands like Cycra, Polisport, or Acerbis. A Cycra stadium plate is highly recommended. Make sure you buy the fender and number plate for the same year. For example, if you buy a 2015 CRF250 fender, get a 2015 CRF250 number plate to match. has the best prices on plastics.)


-1/8" and 3/8" drill bits

-Common hand tools like screwdrivers and sockets

If you have a 2000-2003 CR or CRF, this is the bracket you need. Click Here

Video of Installation