Wheel Chart

Not sure what wheel to use? These charts will help you decide what's best for your application.

First off, what is your goal? Do you want to remove scratches, smooth out casting lines, give your part a brushed look, or polish to a chrome finish? Pryme has wheels for each and every scenario.

If you want a nice brushed look or especially a chrome finish, you'll want to remove scratches, casting lines, and imperfections before bringing out the shine, or those will stand out like a sore thumb. Follow the steps below to achieve each finish. Step 1 should only be used if you have deep scratches or want to remove casting lines/dimples. Skip to step 2 if you only have smaller scratches.

Brushed Finish with Aluminum, Steel, or Stainless Steel

Chrome Finish

Refer to this video for more of a visual representation:


Every wheel has it's pros and cons, use this chart to see what wheel will work best for you.


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