Tools I Use Old

Here are the tools I use throughout all of my builds. 

Wheel Tools

Wheel Truing Stand

Spoke Torque Wrench

Spoke Wrench

Six Way Spoke Wrench

Blind Bearing Puller

Honda Hub Retaining Nut Tool

Tire Tools

Tire Changing Stand

Tire Levers

Scratch Free Tire Levers

Bead Buddy Tool

Rim Protectors

Tire Mounting Lube

Valve Stem Puller

Low Pressure Tire Gauge

Suspension Tools

Fork Seal Driver

Fork Seal Bullet

Shock Seal Bullet

Fork Cap Wrench

Fork Seal Cleaner

Shock Spring Compressor

Fork Tube Clamp

Shock Shaft Clamp

Fork Oil Level Tool

Steering Stem Nut Wrench

Steering Stem Spanner Wrench

Fork Cartridge Holder

Steering Stem Bearing Race Press

Steering Stem Bearing Installer

Sag Checker

Fork Oil

Shock Oil

Oil Measuring Bottle

Blind Bearing Puller

Engine Tools

Engine Stand

Crankcase Splitter

Crank Puller

Clutch Holding Tool

Flywheel Puller

Valve Spring Compressor

Feeler Gauge

Spark Plug Wrench

Oil Measuring Bottle

Clutch Nut Tool

Blind Bearing Puller

Gasket Scrapers

Mini Bottle for oil

Chain Tools

Chain Press

Chain Breaker


Motorcycle Lift


Impact Power Driver

Breaker Bar

1/2 in Torque Wrench

3/8 Torque Wrench

Impact Screwdriver


Brake Bleeder

Thread Repair Kit

Thread Chasers

Snap Ring Pliers

Vice Soft Jaws

Pick/Hook Set

Y Handle Wrench

8/10/12mm Combination Wrench

12/14/17 Lug Wrench

Hex Allen Combination Wrench

Hex Bit Sockets

Torx Bit Sockets

Exhaust Spring Puller

Cable Lube Tool

Cable Lube

JIS Screwdrivers

Scalpel Knife (great for shaving gaskets)

Oil Measuring Bottle

Measuring Calipers

Flexible Magnet

Cleaning Supplies

Pressure Washer

Buffing Machine

Air Die Grinder

Dremel Rotary Tool

Cleaning Wheels

Simple Green Degreaser

Mag Wheel Cleaner

Intake Wash Cap

My Favorite Detail Brush

Straight Brush

Tube Brush (for cleaning inside of tubes)

Flow Through Brush (excellent for general parts cleaning)


Zinc Plating Kit


Anti Seize Lube

Gear Oil

Fork Oil

Shock Oil


2 Stroke Premix

Air Filter Oil

Air Filter Oil Spray

Brake Fluid

Chain Lube

Chain Cleaner

Contact Cleaner

Maxima MPPL (to prevent rust on chains, pipes, bolts, etc)

Maxima SC1 Shine Spray

Valve Grinding Compound

Cable Lube

Tire Mounting Lube

Assembly Lube

Dielectric Grease

Oil Measuring Bottle

Medium Strength Loctite (Blue)

High Strength Loctite (Red)

Cerakote Plastic Restore

Safety Equipment

The absolute best respirator

Also a great respirator to pair up with safety glasses

Safety Glasses

Use these filters with the previously mentioned respirators

The only gloves I use