Team Pryme Bike Build Contest FAQ

Here are some common questions that have popped up:

Can I enter if I started my build months ago?

No, builds have to be started after December 11th, and finished before April 15th. Sorry guys, rules are rules. Same for everyone.

I bought my bike already apart, can I enter?

Yes, but be aware the contest is about the biggest transformation. It may not be voted upon well if voters don't have a good idea what the bike looked like before.

Can I enter if I have pictures?

No, video entries only.

Do I have to be over 18 and in the United States?

Entries are open to anyone and everyone!

Do the videos have to be high quality?

Video quality does not matter, just as long as we can see your bike clearly. Feel free to use your cell phone.

What type of bike can I enter?

Any motorcycle is welcome! Sorry, no ATVs or UTVs.

Can I enter more than 1 bike?

Yes, you may enter more than one bike but you will need to purchase an entry for each bike. Only one bike per entry.