Buffing Tips

Couple important tips while using the wheels:

  • Always sand or buff in the same direction (try to buff in the length of the part), intersecting scratches do not look good.
  • Use light pressure with the wheels, if you need to apply heavy pressure you are probably skipping a step and you'll wear out your wheel prematurely.
  • Buffing against the direction of the wheel will cut quicker, buffing with the direction of the wheel will give a smoother finish.
  • In order to make the wheels last as long as possible, stay away from sharp edges. The direction of the wheel should be spinning away from the edge and not towards it. Adjust the orientation of the part accordingly.
  • On dremel attachments, use a lower RPM. The smaller the wheel, the more likely it is to wear out quicker.
  • Stack the cleaning wheels on the buffer to achieve a more consistent finish, and to prolong the life of the wheels.
  • The bigger the diameter of the wheel, the faster the surface speed of that wheel will be (provided it's at the same RPM). So keep in mind that an 8 inch wheel will cut or buff quicker than a 6 inch wheel at the same RPM.


Lastly, whenever you're doing any sort of grinding or sanding you'll want to use eye and respiratory protection. Trust me, you do not want to be breathing in metal particles!

The absolute best product for protecting yourself is this https://amzn.to/2zPKoaN

Alternatively, this is also a great respirator to pair up with safety glasses https://amzn.to/2LnhHap

Use these filters with the previously mentioned respirators https://amzn.to/2MTfJC1

If you're doing lots of buffing, I'd recommend getting some sort of ventilation like this exhaust fan that I use https://amzn.to/2P9GoKx

And of course, always a good idea to wear gloves https://www.prymemx.com/products/rubber-gloves