Rubber Gloves

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Keep your hands protected from the grime, chemicals, and dirt we encounter while working on motorcycles.

  • Natural rubber latex material
  • 11 mil glove thickness, 16 mil thick at the fingertips
  • Three times thicker than standard latex gloves, preventing rips, snags, and tears if you catch it on a tool or sharp part
  • Gloves are durable enough to use time and time again, no need to throw away after one use
  • Still thin enough to have good dexterity
  • Extended cuff for better protection over the wrist and arm
  • Textured fingertips ensures a great grip on tools and parts
  • Powder free
  • 12" length
  • Thick material helps keep your hands warm during the winter months
  • Gloves are ambidextrous and can fit either hand


I've been using these gloves for the last several years and they far surpass anything else out there. It is very important to protect your hands from chemicals and grease, since they are the first point of contact when working on anything mechanical. Once you wear these gloves a few times, you will not go back. No more dry cracks, blisters, or bloody knuckles. And most of all, it significantly reduces your risk of developing a serious illness related to chemical exposure. Trust me, I wish I would have been better about wearing gloves years ago.