Cleaning Wheel - 2 Inch

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Restore and keep up on that shine with a Pryme 2 inch cleaning wheel.

  • Perfect for cleaning parts like crankcases, clutch covers, triple clamps, and linkage pieces
  • Achieves a brushed type finish, use the Flap Wheels for scratch removal and shaping
  • Comparable to 320 grit sandpaper
  • 2" diameter x 1" wide x 1/4" shaft (best used with air die grinder, but can be used on a drill with decent results)
  • Optimal RPM: 6,000
  • Max RPM: 13,000
  • Best for aluminum, but can be used on steel, stainless steel, and brass with great results
  • Sold individually or in a pack of 3 or 5
  • Made in the USA


-To make wheels last as long as possible, stay away from sharp edges. Use flap wheel for more aggressive removal, and cleaning wheel for smooth finish.
-Die grinder not included
-Always wear a respirator and proper eye protection while using wheels!
-Not sure what wheel you need? Use the Wheel Chart
-Refer to the Buffing Machine Guide for info on what machine/tool you'll need for these wheels

Check out the video below of the wheels in action.


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